Saturday, March 3, 2012

Laundry Magic: Stain Remover

I've talked about amazing homemade laundry soap, now amazing stain remover!  Again, totally worried with having a messy family.  I don't flip if clothes get stains, everything can be washed.  However, getting rid of my SprayNWash was a big deal, what if this just doesn't work?  See for yourself!

Here's the mix, it only took a few minutes to make:

Miss Rae's Stain Remover
2/3 cups Dawn dish washing liquid
2/3 cups Hydrogen Peroxide
6 Tblsp baking soda
2 cups warm water

Mix everything together and pour into a spray bottle. Don't screw on the lid, let it sit for a bit - it will bubble for little while.  Once it's sat, I waited overnight, you're ready to use! 

Round One: rain jacket covered in mud

I literally just sprayed the heck out of the jacket.  I DID NOT scrub the jacket, I just threw it in the wash after spraying.

After: can you believe this?  There is not a single piece of dirt or mark on it; holy cow!

Round Two: set in food stains on Olivia's pants

I again sprayed each stain and did not scrub.  I want to see how the product does on it's own.
Again, pure success!!!  These were set in for days because I didn't promptly empty Olivia's laundry basket this week.

Round Three: PAINT from daycare, again set it
I sprayed the stains which are seriously dried on and I am not thinking this one will come out well. NO SCRUBBING!

Before I even put the shirt in the wash, I could see a difference.
Drum roll please, LOOK! IT'S ALL GONE!

This is a KEEPER!  I will update this at a later date with the actual cost per load but I can tell you, I think this is better than my commerical stuff.

Try it and let me know what stains are gone!

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