Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Freezer Meals: Mexican Shredded Chicken

Mexican Shredded Chicken
What you'll need:

(1) Spoon
(2) Forks
Can Opener
(1) Bowl
Measuring Spoons/Cups

Ingredients for one batch:

(1) 15 ounce can of tomato sauce
(1) cup of low sodium chicken broth
(2) tablespoons dried onion flakes
(2) teaspoons dried minced garlic
(3) tablespoons chili powder
(2) teaspoons ground coriander
(2) teaspoons ground cumin
(1 ½) teaspoons sugar
(½) teaspoon salt
(½) teaspoon pepper
(4) medium to large chicken breasts (about 3 pounds)
         *subsitute with chicken tenderlions if neccessary, this exampe does.

Set out all your ingredients in your work area.

Pour your sauce, and all your spices into the crockpot - stir until combined.

Add the chicken into the crockpot, and mix into the sauce until chicken is covered.

Cook on low for six hours.  I use a expo to mark the time on this one because this pot doesn't have a built in timer.
After it's all done pull out your chicken and put in a bowl.
Using two forks, seperate the chicken so it shreds.

Now, you will set the bowl aside and allow the chicken to cool.  Once cool, put it into a freezer bag and pump all the air out of the bag. 

Make sure you note it's cooked, my sign is a circled 'C'. This is great for quesdilla, tacos, burritos - any fast easy mexican meal.   My family eats this up quick and loves it.

Just take it out in the morning, put in the fridge, and by evening you'll have chicken that just needs to be warmed.  You can also save the liquid in the crockpot for enchilada sauce!



  1. I am so pinning this :)

    BTW - I didn't realize how much corriander is used in traditional mexican dishes... must put on grocery list!

  2. Yay! Thanks!

    I am shocked as well - I need to find a Costco sized as much as I've been using it. :)