Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Freezer Meals: Taco Soup

Family Favorite Taco Soup

What you'll need

Measuring Cup
Crock Pot (stove top pot works too)
Frying Pan/Skillet


1lb of lean ground turkey
1 medium white onion
(1) Can of Pinto Beans
(2) Cans of Kidney Beans, Light - drained/rinsed
(2) Cans of Kidney Beans, Dark - drained/rinsed
(1) Can of Corn - undrained
(1) Cup of uncooked white rice
(1) Taco Seasoning Packet
(2) Cups of V8 Juice
(1) Cup of warm water
Dash of Tabasco Sauce

Gather and layout all your ingredients.

Open your beans and drain/rinse them with cool water.
Then pour them into your crockpot (or pot on medium low)

Brown your turkey with the onions. 
Once brown, drain oils and add to your pot.

Next add the V8 Juice, can of corn (don't drain), and spices.
Stir very well.

Now add your rice and cup of warm water. 
Stir very well.

Add your meat and onion mix to the pot.

Stir very well and let cook on low for about six hours.  If using stove top, give it about two hours on low.  Stir often to ensure nothing sticks to the bottom.

When it's done, your soup (not really a soup, more of a chili) should look like this!

I love all the colors!  I've also added green peppers for another color in the past, looks nice as well.  All and all you should about fourteen meals.  The below containers are two servings and this meal is very filling.

Our family eats this meal often and it freezes wonderfully.  We do tend to serve this for lunch but it's perfect when you've been working in the yard all day and need something fast at dinner.

I hope you enjoy!

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