Monday, March 5, 2012

Freezer Meals: It's 2:30AM

I did it. 

I finally did it.

So exhausted.

Thirty-two (32) dinners have been completed.  Some are capable of switching over to lunch if need be, but hopefully won't need to be.

I reminded Jakob (the boyfriend) to hook up the full size freezer tomorrow.  We were blessed to get a two year old upright given to us for free!  I plan to make three more batches of Taco Soup, breakfast burritos, and some interesting lunch ideas for freezing.  Then I won't have to think of cooking again until April!!!!!

As promised folks, instructions will go up tomorrow today.  Make note, my time frame included a break for dinner and two quick shopping runs for spices that ran out...oh, and ten thousand step-by-step pictures for y'all! 

Good night! 

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