Monday, July 1, 2013

Soap Scum Killer

Every time I test a new homemade cleaning product, I always cringe at the thought of posting pictures online.  

Yes - I'm that self conscious about anyone seeing my home dirty or messy. 

For me this is the worst of all - but I must give an accurate review of what I try.  I only post the ones that actually work for me and I use in my home.

So here's the before of my bathroom shower/tub. *sigh*

Yea, this is horrible.  In my defense, we use these great containers to store Olivia's bath toys and they seriously hide soap scum and buildup. 

So I try the soap scum spray first and do one sweep with my sponge.  Already I notice a huge difference:

Since this level of dirty is unacceptable, I know it's going to take more than one pass. 

Oh, don't I look happy?

I'm honestly shocked as I rinse down my tub after round two, lots of scrubbing. 

It's actually looking like a usable space again! 

                            Hallelujah !!! 

This mix is definitely worth a try, but remember to make it right when you plan to use it as it does not store well.

Soap Scum Killer

2 cup of HOT white vinegar 
    (Microwave it)
1 cup of Dawn dish soap (blue)

Pour into spray bottle and shake, use immediately.

Yes, that's it.  How easy?  Now get to cleaning and if you need some extra power check out the BathTub Paste for grout and water lines.