Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tonight's Big Plan

I know almost everyone has seen the 'freezer' cooking floating around Pinterest.  If you haven't it is really a neat concept.  You plan out all your dinner's for a certain time frame (most are up to a month);  then you go shopping for all that food!

Whoa; that's a lot of food!  With any big project, there has to be a lot of planning involved. For me, the easist way is to gather all my recipes and dump all the ingrediants in a word file.  I sort based on grown, packaged, and meat then I just total.   For instance I have three reciepes that call for a pound of ground beef, I know I'll need three pounds of it total.

I try to search for local specials on my bulk items. Try and true, I normally end up going to Costco for my meat.  In the future, I am hoping to buy a cow from the butcher and freeze it, but that's quite an upfront investment.

Today, I am going to be shopping and cooking for fourteen dinners - or two weeks of meals.  I'm also going to incorp lunches by separating out sides to portions for easy throw together in the morning.  Honestly, I have a lot of faith - I'm just a bit nervous about spending HOURS in the kitchen cooking non-stop. 

So here's to this working.  I'll post late tonight or early tomorrow morning on how this worked out.  My bonus to you, I'll post all the recipes I use and update you on the flavor and how well it worked out for our family of three.
Wish me luck!

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