Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Craft Fail

As I prepare to launch my first postings of things that I've tried, I have to give a shout out.  Anyone who has ever tried a new meal idea, a craft, or really tried anything new knows one thing.  It may not turn out how you expect.  The newest Internet laugh is a great site called CraftFail.

Where you can gather together and laugh at all those crafts that for whatever reason, just didnt' work.


I would have guessed the first few placements would have keyed off this was going down the wrong road.  Maybe you could have your kids cut out some Thanksgiving turkeys I guess?

This poor Elmo never had a chance; make sure your kids don't look!  I feel like I should call NCIS or something...

This personally fits me - I live off coffee and without it, all my crafts would look like this.

I can't stop laughing at some of the others, such as the famous cookie monster fails and others.  I'm not the most crafty person or even the best homemaker.  However, I will tell you if it's totally attainable in the local mom's kitchen/craft room. 

Wish me luck folks.   I promise to post the good and the bad.

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