Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ocean/Mermaid Birthday Party

As you know, I have a wonderful little one, Olivia.  We did her birthday last year mermaid themed as she requested.  There are few things I love more than planning and hosting parties.  Of course the big FOUR was no different and thankfully I had help from two great friends to pull this off the night before the guests arrived.

First things first, was choosing the color scheme.  Now underwater seems simple enough but remember when choosing your colors there are a TON of varities out there. 

Try to buy everything a big bulk at one store to avoid dismay when you notice the greens don't match.  This party was focused mainly on blue and green with pink as the accent but we had fun with many other color bursts too.

Streamers and ballons were the main decor in the party but these fun fish were really cool.  All the streamers were cut to look like seaweed.  Ballons were used to look like bubbles so it really felt like you were under water and sea creatures.  It didn't photograph well, but let me tell you - we had non-stop compliments!

Of course we had to use treasure chests and fish nets to finish the experiance.

Watch out for the jellyfish!

Of course the project you don't plan is the biggest hit, SAND!  I ended up turning the coffee table into a full on play area.  Used a plastic table cloth and found a ton of neat shells (antique store of all places), left over mardi beads, and sand (clearance at target in the flower area)

A requirement at all our birthday parties, the birthday girl is in perfect character!  I found this adorable mermaid costume at Ebay for barely $20! (this is the picture of the sale ad, I didn't have a non blurry shot of Olivia in it)

We all know is isn't a party without some food!  I used blue easter basket stuffers to cover the table and help with the water effect.  It was perfect because the after easter special was barely .10 cents a bag.

My favorite was the cake, which tasted even better than it looked and yes, those are candy seashells!

After the party we gave away a ton of wonderful treats to our friends which included chocolate treasure ship coins, ballons, jewels, and bubbles!

I hope this inspires your next party in some way!

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