Saturday, June 1, 2013

Local Gallery

Many years ago I had an itch to paint however, I never pursued the desire.  When Bill and I began dating we talked about our life dreams and goals.  I brought up how I'd always wanted to paint.

One day, we went shopping at my all time favorite store, Michael's.  He asked if I still wanted to paint and I giggled.  Really? Um...yes.

He loaded the cart with beginner supplies and headed the check stand.  I kept saying I had no talent and couldn't do it. He would just smile that wonderful smile and said well have you tried?

When I got home that night, I tried.   I searched Pinterest for tips, for inspiration, for something.  I found many great ideas and tried a craftsman style Santa using acrylics. 

This was my end result.  He's kind of cute right?  My Aunt Chris mentioned how much she loved him and I gifted him as a present that year.  She proudly displayed him until February.  

Looking back now, I did everything wrong but I did it.  I tried.  Then began my desire to try more. 

See what I could. Anything.

My mother had mentioned a painting she saw and liked.  I made my own version for her with acrylics. 

It was a hit.  This one was a little easier.  I basically painted the background, and drug my brush to make a tree.  Added some gems, painted then glued on lettering.  She loved it!

Now I was really interested.  After talking with friends, I found out our local gallery held classes for painting lessons.  $10 for your first oil painting, inclusive of all your needs.  



Yet, I tried.  I loved every lesson.  Every chance to try the brushes with direction from a wonderful teacher. Following her lesson plan for my first painting, a required landscape to learn the fundamentals.

When it was done, I gifted it to my exceptional boyfriend for all his love and support.

My second painting bumped my class fees to $15 per lesson.  However, my skills had improved.  Here is my second oil painting in class:

If you want to paint, find PINs that help you.

            Try something, anything!

Your talent is just waiting to be released!

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  1. You are awesome! So glad you decided to follow through on this dream!